Math is Cool Online Math Contest

Academics are Cool is offering this online version of Math is Cool contest. It will be run as close to our regular in-person contests as possible.

Students will submit their answers via Google forms with the links provided. Each student will be assigned a 5-digit id number which must be given on all answers. Answer sheets without proper id numbers will not be counted. Answers will all be numbers (except for the Multiple Choice test) either whole or decimal numbers. No units may be given including dollar signs, commas, etc.

Written tests will be loaded when the test begins and must be submitted by the closing time. There is a sample test that can be downloaded and answer sheet submitted. The Instruction and Oral questions will be read live. The medium will be determined later.

Sample Team Contest Test

1) Begin by downloading the Answer sheet and fill-in your name and id; Sample Answer Sheet.
2) Download the test Sample Test.
---- When the answer sheet is completed, press 'Submit' to record your answers.
---- After you submit, there will be an option to edit your submission.
3) You may provide feedback on the experience to the webmaster.

Fourth Grade Contest - May 19, 2020

Mental Math and Individual tests must be completed only by the student with no outside help. The Multiple Choice, Team and College Bowl are team events and you can use any method to contact your team (voice, text, Zoom, etc.). Only the first submission by any team member will count as the team answer sheet for the contest. Be sure you have everything ready (online access, pencil, scratch paper, etc.) before the 3:00pm starting time.

You should have received information from your coach with the meeting link. If not, please contact Tom Tosch. for the link. Include your name, school and participant ID in your request.

3:00 - Welcome and Mental Math.

3:30 - 4:05 Individual Test

Sorry, no Relay Test

4:15 - 4:30 Team Multiple Choice

4:40 - 4:55 Team Test

Sorry, no Relay Test

5:05 - College Bowl